The American Rescue Plan is ~10% of GDP. The New Deal was only 13%.

The American Rescue Plan is an opportunity for our generation to set the course for Michigan's future, and lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow for generations to come. And while the American Rescue Plan funding coming to Michigan isn't enough to fully fund our infrastructure deficits and the gaps in education funding that have accrued over decades of disinvestment, it's an incredible start.

However, some municipalities and local officials are already preparing to squander the opportunity. Instead of investing in people and communities, discussions are in motion in municipalities across the state to give the American Rescue Plan money away in the form of property tax rebates--putting the most money in the pockets of homeowners with the most wealth, and functionally transferring money to the exact people who dont' need to spend it. That's a bad strategy for the economy, a bad outcome for Michiganders, and a truly awful alternative to making potential transformative investments in our education system, our infrastructure, broadband access, clean water, childcare, or any number of other programs that could produce dividends for generations. 

Tell your elected representatives to invest ARPA in our future, today. 

Tell state reps and local officials we won't let them squander this incredible opportunity!

Tell them to use the American Rescue Plan money to:

1) put money in the pockets of the people most in need, and
2) make strategic investments in our educational system, our infrastructure, and the supports that Michiganders need to grow the economy!  


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