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The American Rescue Plan is ~10% of GDP. The New Deal was only 13%.

Some local officials and municipalities are already planning to use American Rescue Plan money as a property tax giveaway. In other words, a major giveaway to the wealthiest Michiganders, least likely to spend the money to improve our economy. Tell them to stop it! Invest this money in people and communities, and lay the groundwork for a better future!

Contact your representatives - Invest ARPA for Michigan's Future

Tell your legislators not to squander ARPA with giveaways for the wealthiest citizens, and, instead, invest in our infrastructure, our education, and our future.

Stop Corporate Tax Cuts

Corporations in Michigan are paying some of the lowest income taxes in the country. And the revenue flowing from the corporate income tax into Michigan communities has been fallen dramatically over the last decade. Now there's a bill going through the Michigan legislature to cut corporate income taxes even more. To build a better Michigan we need to invest in people and communities. We need to improve our infrastructure and our education system. We need clean water and economic opportunity—not rising inequality and disinvestment. Tell your legislators to reject corporate tax cuts and pass bills to #FundTheFuture in Michigan.

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ARPA Tracker - Tracking Historic Investment in MI Communities

Across the state, communities are leveraging the opportunity for historic local investments as a result of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). See how municipalities and counties across the state are using available funding in our ARPA tracker. Combining US Treasury data and information direct from municipalities, this first of its kind database goes beyond state funding to track projects funded by local, municipal ARPA investments.