ARPA Tracker - Tracking Historic Investment in MI Communities

Across the state, communities are leveraging the opportunity of historic local investments as a result of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). However, today only approximately 50% of available funds have been committed to specific projects. It's critical for communities across the state to invest those dollars in high-impact projects that solve real problems for real people, and set them up for the future.

Weigh in on how you'd like ARPA dollars spent in your community. 

See how municipalities and counties across the state are using available funding in our ARPA tracker. Combining US Treasury data and information direct from municipalities, this first of its kind database goes beyond state funding to track projects funded by local, municipal ARPA investment. For access to the full dataset powering the Scout Institute's ARPA Tracker, see the link on the top left of For the total amount of funding allocated to each community, see the official ARPA allocations by city / municipality or county, available for download on the top left or 

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